Wireless Solutions.

wireless solutions
Wireless Solution provides High Speed Connectivity between two or more locations within a city or it surrounding at low cost, without the hassle of wires and cables and not depending on any service provider.

  • No need to pay high recurring cost.
  • Delivers speed up to 1 Gig, depends upon distance and location of installation.
  • Used for converged solution [Data, Voice and Video].
  • ERP / SAP Solution between Head Office and Remote Plant Site.
  • Video Surveillance your factory sitting at Head office.
  • Voice over IP between connect locations.
  • Used to extend Internet at rural location / remote office.
  • Connectivity within campus where extending cable is not possible.

We Microtel Netlinks is one of the leading solution provider been certified by renowned companies

  • Cambium
  • Mikrotik
  • Ubiquiti

Why Microtel Netlinks is preferred for Wireless Solution

  • Experience of delivering long distance with high throughput.
  • Delivered multiple long distance link without any hops.
  • Commissioning more than 5 wireless link with distance of 50+ KM.
  • Committed Support and Services.
  • 24 x 7 Support.
  • Guaranteed throughput
  • Solution available over CAPEX and OPEX both