Network Solutions. Connecting Your Business - Providing High End Network Solutions


Network Solutions We Provide

  • Point-To-Point
  • Internet Leased Circuit
  • VPN
  • High Speed Wireless
  • Mail Solutions
  • Fiber Optic Network
  • CAT-5/CAT-6/CAT-7 Network
  • Structure Cabling
  • Data Security Solution
  • Network Audit
  • VoIP

Network Consultancy

Requirement and Analyzing

This phase helps in broadly deciding the network architecture, understanding the existing infrastructure and assessing your current and long-term requirements.

Designing and Planning

This phase provides precious advice on product, technology, media (e.g. Wired / Wireless) and IP addressing and basic security planning.


This phase we propose any changes required in current design / implementing new technology / media / product.