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Our range of Software Solutions include Desktop Application Development , Web Development & Mobile Apps Development which suit everyone’s needs, from small and medium business to big corporate’s.

We are equipped with a vast technical skill set with years of experience in designing , developing , integrating and implementing custom software as per your needs.

Software’s Developed

School Management

Expediency School management

is a complete solution for school management using high end & latest technologies. Software is customizable as per any newer feature requirements needed by school.

Security & Utilities

  • User Generation
  • User Wise Role Management
  • Permission Setup
  • Backup and Restore Database

School Masters

  • School Registration Details
  • Standards Details
  • Divisions Details
  • Teachers Details
  • Teachers Standerd Allocation
  • Time Table Generation
  • Month Wise Fees Setup

Students Management

  • Admission Details
  • G.R. Allocation Details
  • Standard wise division allocation
  • Attendance Management
  • Fees Collection and Management
  • Division Transfer
  • Activities Management
  • Leaving Certificate

General Accounting

  • Day Book Entry
  • Expenses Details and Management


  • Attendance Reports
  • Performance Reports
  • Students Details Report
  • Fees Collection Report
  • Bonafide Certificate Generation
  • Teacher Details Report
  • Teacher Class Allocation Report
  • All Accounting Reports
  • Year End Reports

Add-On Features

  • Web Application Integration
  • Mobile Application Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • Email Integration

Expediency Payroll

is a complete solution for employee punch Attendance and Payroll with Access Control products

Master and Transactions

  • Employee Setup
  • Attendance Entry (Manual)
  • Attendance Entry (Auto from Attendance device)
  • Edit Attendance
  • Punch Deduction (Kharchi / Upaad / Mess / Medical) Entry
  • Other Earning Entry (Bonus, Extra Earning, Allowances)
  • Loan Transaction
  • Professional Tax, Labour Welfare fund, ESI deductions


  • Salary Sheet and Salary Slip
  • Deduction Register and Slip
  • Attendance Register and Attendance Sheet
  • Employee Punch Reports
  • Loan Register
  • Taxation Report

Multiple Companies

  • Manage multiple companies in single software
  • Option to view combine reports for all companies

User Management

  • Create users and user groups for software
  • Define user and user group rights for specific company and accounting years
  • Entry Module wise rights of users and user groups
  • Restrict user and user group to view specific reports and prints
  • Loan Register
  • Taxation Report

General Features

  • Multi location feasibility: view reports and enter data from multiple locations
  • Customize the print formats
  • Create multiple print formats
  • Customize the reports as required Export reports in PDF, XLS, XLXS and RTF formats
  • Backup of data
Assets management


is web application that manages your assets in simple yet effective way. It helps to keep track of assets movement across different branches. AMC Expiry and renewal can be managed easily. Actual asset value, after depreciation, can be derived.

Outlined Features:

  • Users & Roles Generation
  • Role based Secure login and Authentication to the Web Application
  • Locations Management
  • Assets Category Management
  • Assets Details Management
  • AMC Details Management
  • Notification of AMC Renewal and Expiry

Brief Features

Users & Roles Generation:

Admin User will have facility to add new users for using the application. Assign Different Roles to the users which will enable to add restriction to access specific areas of Application

Role Based Secure Login:

Secure Login for different users generated using the admin area. Role based area access and menu display. Login would be different for specific locations.

Locations Management:

Admin can add and modify different locations and their details such as registration number, address etc.

Assets Category Management

Assets Category can be managed using these features. E.g.: (Printers, Network Devices etc.)

Assets Management

Complete Details of assets including Serial Number, Purchase details etc. can be managed using this feature.

AMC Details Management:

  • AMC Vendors Details
  • AMC Date and Renewal Management
  • Details of AMC Vendors can be managed as well as details of AMC Expiry and renewal can be managed using this feature

Master Reports:

  • Users Reports
  • Locations Master Report
  • Asset Category Report
  • Assets Reports
  • AMC Reports

Add on Features for all reports:

  • Date Wise Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Yearly Reports
  • Reports by Search Criteria
Cheque Printing

CCheque – Centralised Cheque Print

is a centralized cheque printing Web Application, which allows to print cheque for all the branches of the bank from a single location. Hence, software management and maintenance is very easy. CCheque user friendly interface provides ease and simplicity to implement and utilize the software.

Import data from CTS Software

CTS software, used in maximum banks, exports the cheque requirements received from the customers in Excel format. CCheque, is compatible with this excel format. It imports the cheque requisitions from the CTS Excel File. Moreover, it also checks for the duplicate cheque requirements. If requisition entry is already imported from the Excel file, it will not be import again under any circumstances, even if the same Excel file is used for import.

Print Cheque / Reprint Cheque

After the requisition is imported into CCheque, cheque can be printed as per RBI guidelines. Once the cheque are printed, the requisition entry gets locked, so that it cannot be manipulated. Requisition entry will not be allowed to delete once cheques are printed. Cheque once printed, will not be allowed to print again. If due to any technical problem or some other reasons, cheque are required to be reprinted then, reprinting can be done but it requires proper user authentication. If user does not have rights to reprint then he cannot print the cheques again. This features prevents duplicate cheque printing and also minimize the chances of misuse of cheque. Complete history of re-printed cheque is maintained. So that management can query about the same.

Export for CTS Software

After the cheque are printed, the details of the printed cheque requisitions are exported to Text File in the format supported by the CTS Software. This text file can be imported into CTS software to authorize the cheque no’s, so that these cheque are allowed for transactions.

User Management

Define users, assign user roles and manage user wise access to branch. User can be assigned different roles viz. Administrator, Supervisor and Operator. CCheque provides customized user role management. User Roles can be customized to Allow / Deny access to Add, Edit, Delete or View the modules of the software. This features helps to manage user role in very simple yet effective manner. Further, it also provide user wise branch management. User can be Allow / Deny access to one or more branches. Thus, it restricts the user from accessing the data of other branches.


  • Branch wise Reports
  • Account Type wise Reports
  • Account wise Reports
  • Re-printed Cheque History


  • Export of all reports and data in Excel, PDF and RTF formats.
  • Utility to backup data.
Call Management

IT CMS – Information Technology Call Management System

IT CMS, is a centralized web application used to manage call for all the locations. IT CMS use friendly interface provides ease and simplicity to end user, so that they can log call and view the current status of the call from a single screen.

Locations Masters

  • Branches / location / department management

Call Category & Sub Category

  • Define categories and sub categories of calls.
  • Get category wise reports and sort calls by category and sub category.

User Management

  • Define users
  • Assign user roles and manage user wise access to branch.
  • User can be assigned different roles viz. Administrator, Supervisor and Operator.
  • User Roles can be customized to Allow / Deny access to Add, Edit, Delete or View the modules of the software.

Call Entry

  • New calls are logged from call entry.
  • Call Entry in system by Category

Attend Call

  • Assign Engineer calls
  • Solve the Call and update the status

Verify Call Status

  • Verify the status of call , wether fully solved , if not re open.

Verify Call Status

  • Verify the status of call , wether fully solved , if not re open.

Close Call

  • Once the user verifies the call, then the administrator can close the call permanently.


  • Call Detail Report
  • Call Status Summary
  • Call History
  • Analysis Reports


  • Export of all reports and data in Excel, PDF and RTF formats.
  • Utility to backup data.

Other Features:

  • Call Entry / Attend Calls
    6 Level Call Status
  • User Verification
  • Auto E-mail of Call and Call Status to concerned persons and department